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Nelson Ma & David Brown

Nelson Ma is a senior lecturer and researcher in financial accounting at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). His research focuses on understanding how the drivers of financial performance impact the quality of financial statements prepared by publicly listed companies. Nelson has recently published a series of projects in aged care, analysing quality of care and the financial outcomes of different business and workforce models. David Brown is Professor of Management Accounting at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). His expertise is in the design and use of management and accounting systems to address behavioural, decision making and coordination problems in organisations. He is best known for his work on management control system packages (multi-system design). David has a detailed understanding of key issues within the aged care sector, particularly as these relate to the management practices of service provider organisations.



Aged care workforce shortages require action from the Jobs Summit & resourcing for high quality care


While reforms to improve the quality of aged care are welcome, the government must also consider how to resource providers to meet higher standards.

Nelson Ma & David Brown

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