• James Cockayne

  • Jennifer Burn

  • Måns Carlsson


  • 19 December, 2022

    The NSW Anti-slavery Commissioner explains why it’s in everyone’s interests to tackle modern slavery and human trafficking as a system-level challenge.

    James Cockayne

  • 2 December, 2022

    To combat this human rights abuse, we need to understand the scale of the problem, amplify survivors’ voices and work towards a fair compensation system.

    Jennifer Burn

  • 2 December, 2022

    The battle against modern slavery is increasingly occupying the mind of investors—collaboration can contribute to its demise.

    Måns Carlsson

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Great contribution from @AngelaCummine and @JMIPublicPolicy on the need for Treasuries to develop whole-of-government sustainability reporting.

Focused on the NSW Government, but just as relevant to the Federal Government.

Should governments disclose their sustainability impact? Our new Policy Insights Paper by @AngelaCummine examines the why and the how.
#sustainability #ESG #publicpolicy

Congrats to @VerityFirth AM @Jennifer_Burn AM @JillMcKeough AO and Jie Lu AO on their honours award today. Great to see women recognised for their commitment service & excellence. So proud to have worked with them. @UTSEngage @UTSLaw @UTSFEIT @AntiSlaveryOz @UTSSocialImpact 🌟👏🏼

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