Growth for Good: Reshaping capitalism to save humanity

  • Thursday, 21 July 2022, 3pm - 4pm AEST
  • Online Event
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Can we reshape capitalism to save humanity from the climate catastrophe? We explored this question during our first Policymaker Live webinar on 21 July from 3:00-4:00pm AEST.

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From the frontlines of new economic thinking and policymaking, Dr Alessio Terzi’s new book ‘Growth for Good’ makes a compelling case that economic growth can be a force for good, providing a blueprint for enrolling it in the fight against climate change.

Growth for Good hits the shelves at a critical time. Australia’s material footprint is rising, the climate keeps getting hotter, and many of us wonder how we can break the nexus between wrecking the environment and improving economic growth. To save the environment, will we have to shrink the economy? How can economic and natural processes be reconciled?

In this webinar, Alessio Terzi was joined by Dr Anna Young-Ferris from the University of Sydney Business School, and Dr Kar Mei Tang, Chair of Women in Economics NSW and former Chief Circular Economist at NSW Circular, whose recent article in The Policymaker outlined a more sustainable model of material use in a growing economy.


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This event is part of The Policymaker Live – a webinar series hosted by the James Martin Institute for Public Policy. Policymaker Live events highlight innovative ideas that will shape the future of public policy in Australia.