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Tobacco, gambling, now alcohol: why Australia needs mandated alcohol warnings

12 January 2023

The harms and costs of alcohol to Australia are clear. Government needs to mandate effective messaging around alcohol consumption.

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The Policymaker in 2022: our most-read articles

22 December 2022

It’s been a big first year for The Policymaker—here are our top five most-read articles for 2022.

Hugh Piper

A different story: anti-slavery as smart public policy

19 December 2022

The NSW Anti-slavery Commissioner explains why it’s in everyone’s interests to tackle modern slavery and human trafficking as a system-level challenge.

James Cockayne

Thinking beyond self-regulation for tech companies for children’s online safety

10 December 2022

New draft codes from tech companies could pose risks to Australian children. A better approach—led by government—is needed instead.

Rys Farthing



Delivering pragmatic and smart policy solutions that will have far-reaching benefits for the people of NSW and beyond.


Great contribution from @AngelaCummine and @JMIPublicPolicy on the need for Treasuries to develop whole-of-government sustainability reporting.

Focused on the NSW Government, but just as relevant to the Federal Government.

Should governments disclose their sustainability impact? Our new Policy Insights Paper by @AngelaCummine examines the why and the how.
#sustainability #ESG #publicpolicy

Congrats to @VerityFirth AM @Jennifer_Burn AM @JillMcKeough AO and Jie Lu AO on their honours award today. Great to see women recognised for their commitment service & excellence. So proud to have worked with them. @UTSEngage @UTSLaw @UTSFEIT @AntiSlaveryOz @UTSSocialImpact 🌟👏🏼

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  • 14 November 2022

    Solving our biggest global challenges means putting people and communities at the centre of policymaking.

    Peter Shergold

  • 31 October 2022

    Labor’s October Budget was good news for aged care—but the hard questions of funding the Support at Home program remain. Here’s two ideas for cost sharing models.

    Rachael Lewis and Mike Woods

  • 26 October 2022

    Solving our biggest global challenges means putting people and communities at the centre of policymaking.

    Amanda Tattersall

  • 25 October 2022

    Australia has world-leading research on recycling and green manufacturing. Here’s how the right policy settings can harness it.

    Veena Sahajwalla

  • 20 October 2022

    The Albanese government’s October budget presents an opportunity to transform the purpose and principles of economic policy.

    Alicia Mollaun

  • 11 October 2022

    Improved data management, monitoring and analysis could be critical to combatting racism – here’s a plan for how research and numbers can help us tackle one of Australia’s biggest social issues.

    Jehonathan Ben, Amanuel Elias, and Rachel Sharples

Aged care workforce shortages require action from the Jobs Summit & resourcing for high quality care

5 September 2022|

While reforms to improve the quality of aged care are welcome, the government must also consider how to resource providers to meet higher standards.

“Freedom within a framework” – how Australia’s universities can make a full economic contribution

30 August 2022|

Is now the moment to (re)introduce an independent "buffer body" for the tertiary sector that will enable universities to respond to future jobs, skills and research needs?

Digital solutions to Australia’s youth mental health crisis

29 August 2022|

Digital technologies offer an opportunity to tackle Australia’s youth mental health crisis. But effective solutions will require us to think innovatively and listen to the voices of young people with first-hand experience.

Australia’s innovation future: an agenda to transform our economy

18 August 2022|

While fiscal stimulus applied during the COVID-19 crisis has boosted employment, the much bigger challenge remains productivity and wage stagnation. This will require an ambitious national reform agenda to transform Australian industry.

Child responsive budgeting: Why Australia needs to put children front and centre in policymaking

20 June 2022|

For Australia to become more inclusive—where no one is left behind—children need to be front of mind for policymakers when developing and implementing our post-Covid recovery framework.

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