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Beyond roads, rates and rubbish: innovating city governance around the world

23 November 2022

Local governments are vital laboratories for policy innovation and experimentation. How can Australia better harness this potential?

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Australia’s research funding system is broken—here’s how to fix it

16 November 2022

Australian universities contribute to the public good. But we need to be more ambitious about realising their potential. It’s time to remedy and reimagine our research system.

Duncan Ivison

Lessons from a pandemic

14 November 2022

Solving our biggest global challenges means putting people and communities at the centre of policymaking.

Peter Shergold

Cash splash for aged care, but who pays for services in a new home care system?

31 October 2022

Labor’s October Budget was good news for aged care—but the hard questions of funding the Support at Home program remain. Here’s two ideas for cost sharing models.

Rachael Lewis



Delivering pragmatic and smart policy solutions that will have far-reaching benefits for the people of NSW and beyond.


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  • 25 July 2022

    While Australia is doing well on full employment, it’s time to prepare for the next downturn by upgrading the economy’s recession-fighting toolkit.

    Zac Gross

  • 4 July 2022

    Focusing on both employment law and how we design visas could help address the systemic underpayment of migrant workers.

    Anna Boucher

  • 20 June 2022

    For Australia to become more inclusive—where no one is left behind—children need to be front of mind for policymakers when developing and implementing our post-Covid recovery framework.

    Alicia Mollaun

  • 6 June 2022

    There is now an effective consensus around net zero—and Australia has a range of promising sector-specific climate policies for getting there. Policymakers need to shift their focus to doing so at minimum cost.

    Steven Hamilton

  • 9 May 2022

    The declining performance of Australia’s secondary schools is limiting productivity growth. An ambitious, inclusive plan for policy reform is needed to move things in a better direction.

    Jenny Gordon

  • 9 May 2022

    Governments at all levels need a new mindset which places Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander shared decision making at the centre of policy development, design and delivery.

    Pat Turner

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